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Gottman Couples Therapy Method

Gottman Couples Therapy Method

Why did I choose the Gottman Couples Therapy Method?

After years of helping couples through counseling, I realized my frustration, as well as the couples, because of often being unable to experience gains in the relationship and struggling to meet their goals. From the family counseling perspective, couples are the “leaders of the home”. Knowing this, and understanding that if I helped the couple, I would also be helping their children. I decided to search for additional training. The Gottman Method proved to be the best match for me and the couples I have a desire to work with. The Gottman Method is research-based and uses a relationship assessment that allows me to create a road map to address the areas we need to work, why those needs are there and how to do it.

What is the Gottman Couples Therapy Method?

It is a research-based method which helps couples manage their conflict, deepen their friendship and intimacy as well as share their life purpose and dreams in a compassionate and clear manner.

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How effective is the method?

As I mentioned, The Gottman Method is research based. One of the most astounding findings Dr. John Gottman did is that, by applying his research, he was able to predict to a 90% accuracy which couples would end on divorce. Based on over 40 years of research, Drs. John & Julie Gottman have created the method, and many tools that have helped many couples learn more effective ways to build “Their Relationship 2.0”, a relationship better than the one they come to counseling with.

In addition, I have always shared two thoughts with the couples that I work with. One is, the Gottman Method is not for everyone. And two, that the success of your process relies greatly on your desire and investment in the process. This is the reason why I have a collaborative approach with my clients. My goal is to help you learn as many skills and strategies as I can so you can take them into the future with your partner to use.

For additional information on the efficacy of the method follow this link

Can you help us if we have experienced infidelity, trauma or addiction?

Yes, in addition to the Gottman Method, I am trained in the treatment of couple infidelity, trauma and addiction recovery. It is important to note I only work with couples that are actively in addictions recovery. You must have completed and/or continue to address your needs with the support of your addiction treatment provider.

For infidelity, we use the Atone, Attune and Attach treatment approach,

I am ready, how can I start?

Contact me for a screening call, preferably, I would talk with both of you during the screening call. After this, I will gather some demographic information to get you scheduled. After we have the first session, I will send you the “Relationship Check-up” invitation to access the questionnaires you will need to complete before the individual interviews, and sessions 2 & 3. During session 4 we will have a “feedback session” where we will discuss the assessment findings, address your questions and discuss treatment goals.

How long are the sessions?

Sessions can run from 50 minutes to 80 minutes on a weekly basis. In the beginning it is most beneficial to do more intensive work. As you progress, we can readjust.

I also offer “Intensives” also known as “marathon sessions”.

If you have additional questions feel free to contact me, I look forward to speaking with you.

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